Garden scissors and other cutting tools we use in our garden

An selection of the gardening scissors and cutting tools we use for gardening
A selection of our gardening scissors and cutters

It is oh-so-easy to buy too many gardening shears and cutting tools over the years. And I own my fair share of cutting tools that hardly get used.

But there are also tools that I own and use a lot. Some I use daily, and they live in my garden tool belt for easy access as I walk through our garden.

As you can see from the photo below, I use the tools I own. And when you buy quality brand names like Gardena and Fiskars, tools last for many seasons.

Some gardening chores are daily. And then we have those jobs that happen once or twice yearly but are a nightmare without the proper tools. Aerating the lawn, timing hedges, and cutting back fruit trees are hard work but so much more enjoyable with the proper tools.

Garden scissors and cutting tools we cover:

  1. General-purpose garden scissors
  2. Micro-tip precision garden scissors
  3. General-purpose garden cutters
  4. Heavy-duty branch cutters
  5. Garden hedge shears

Here, I would like to push the concept of shared ownership with friends and neighbors regarding gardening tools. Do you need to own everything by yourself?

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General-purpose garden scissors

My general-purpose garden scissors live in my garden tool belt and are used daily.

You can use regular scissors, but these garden scissors are a joy to use and will do tough jobs like cutting garden fabric more enjoyable. At the same time, they work great for precision cutting on mature plants.

My always-ready general garden scissors


  • Heavy-duty general garden-cutting tool
  • Cuts garden fabric with ease
  • Perfect for the garden tool belt


  • Some gardeners prefer a smaller model.
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Fiskars General Purpose Garden Scissors

My scissors live in my garden tool belt with other tools I reach for several times daily when I garden.

The scissors can handle heavy-duty jobs like garden fabric and precision work like soft branches when needed.

Just one of those tools I use daily and could not live without.

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Micro-tip precision garden scissors

If you follow me on YouTube, you have seen me use my micro-tip gardening scissors to thin out seedlings on more than one occasion.

The micro-tip cuts all the way to the tip and is ideal for precision cutting seedlings where you do not want to risk hurting or bruising the stronger seedling left behind to grow.

As I see it, a must for seed starters.

Ideal for thinning out seedlings

Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruning Scissors

You may have seen me use mine thinning out my tomato and chili seedlings in my Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 project on YouTube.

A must-have when you are working with delicate plants like seedlings. Easy precision access to stems and branches without bruising the other plants.

A tool any seed starter should not live without.


  • Perfect for delicate, precision cutting
  • Ideal for thinning out seedlings

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General-purpose garden cutters

You probably already own at least one, but if not, then this is a great alternative.

I carry mine in my garden tool belt, and it does get a lot of use. Perfect for those a bit tougher cuts where the regular garden scissors fall a bit short. Pruning mature beefsteak tomato plants or smaller branches on fruit trees are just two examples from my garden.

My always-ready general garden scissors

Fiskars Garden Cutter

One of the tools living in my garden tool belt. I use it daily to cut and prune during the busier time of the gardening year.

Works great and is backed by a lifetime warranty – need I say more?


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Setting for different size hands
  • Ideal for precision cuts on smaller branches

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Heavy-duty branch cutters

My heavy-duty branch cutter gets very busy about twice a year when it is time to trim and cut back fruit trees and hedges.

And when I do need it, it is truly indispensable. A perfect gardening tool to co-own with friends and neighbors.

Cuts thicker branches with ease


  • Easy to operate
  • Cuts thicker branches surprisingly easy
  • Allows for precision cutting


  • Could you borrow one from a neighbor?
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Fiskars 28 Inch Garden Cutter

Indispensable when you need it but not something you will use every day. As you can see from the photo above, I have owned mine for years, and I use it quite a bit.

Whether you buy one or borrow one from a neighbor, it is the ideal tool for those thicker branches on, for example, fruit trees that need pruning and cutting.

The perfect tool to own with friends to use when you need it.

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Garden hedge shears

Shrubs and hedges must be pruned and shaped to stay healthy and grow.

Proper hedge shear will give you clean cuts and help maintain a straight level across larger areas.

I forgot to include it in the photo above, but we also own and use an electric hedge trimmer. The electric trimmer is good for just that, trimming. But even for medium-sized branches, I find the manual garden shears more effective.

For tougher pruning jobs


  • Self-cleaning blades
  • 8″ blades cut to the tip


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Fiskars 8-Inch Hedge Shears

My go-to tool when it is time to prune or cut back shrubs and hedges. The rust-resistant, self-cleaning blades have a low-friction coating making every cut easy.

In all fairness, I use my hedge shears more for general garden work than for growing herbs and vegetables.

But I own these, and they are great, so if you are looking for hedge shears, these are an excellent option.

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