About me

I’m Mattias, and I am the creator of this blog.

The best way to become a successful gardener is to make a lot of mistakes. The trick is to get started. Stop planning. Get gardening.

Here, you can learn from my mistakes. Not that I write about my mistakes specifically. Rather, my guides, tips, and tutorials result from formal training and education combined with actual gardening year-round, indoors and outdoors.

My website is a labor of love. Every article and guide you read is backed by actual gardening. I use my own photos. I garden to eat better. Garden-to-table is a beautiful, tasty, and money-saving thing.

I am also slowly improving at making YouTube videos; thank you for your patience.

Are you looking for inspiration? Check out the Gardening Photo of the Week section, where we post four photos from our gardens weekly.

Home gardening year-round using different techniques and methods

I use different methods and techniques to grow and harvest year-round in a four-season climate.

Sage variety Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens'
Salvia officinalis ‘Purpurascens’ is one of many sage varieties I grow from seed.

I plant directly in the ground for large parts of the year. But I also use raised garden beds, pots, containers, and hydroponic grow systems – and I love winter sowing. Our Smart Garden 9, iDOO hydroponic gardens, and our DIY hydroponic setups are also a part of the mix – especially for the fall and winter seasons.

DIY is great – if you have the interest and space. But I understand that DIY may not be for everyone. I have published several videos and articles about my favorite hydroponic kits. You will find all videos and articles in the “What we use and feel good recommending” section.

Having a garden with plenty of space is, of course, great. But you can also start your herb and vegetable garden on a balcony or a kitchen countertop.

More About My Gardening

I garden in a four-season climate (zone 7), and while most techniques and tips are universal, they may be best suited for zones 4-8.

I draw on years of gardening experience and knowledge from gardening courses and training programs by, for example, Hemmaodlat at SLU, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and the National Gardening Association. If pressed, I would confidently label myself an expert home gardener.

Beautifully ripening Stuffed Striper beefsteak tomatoes (photo taken 7 July)
Stuffed Striper beefsteak tomatoes started from seed

Professionally, I invest in commercial property, and I hold a diploma in Sustainable Business.

Editorial guidelines

The author’s full name is clearly printed on each post, article, and guide.

I do not cover every conceivable plant, herb, vegetable, or smart money-saving appliance or equipment.

If I am not growing it or have experience using it, I  cannot give a first-hand account, and then it does not belong here. 

Chat-GPT and similar AI writing tools have become very popular. I do not publish content generated by robots.

I write about my experiences and use my own photos.

However, I use tools like Grammarly to help with spelling, structure, and overall readability.

What about my reviews and recommendations?

My reviews are recommendations where I list the tools, equipment, and supplies I use in our garden, home, and to grow indoors. I only list tools I like and feel good about recommending. After all, if they work for me, they should also work for you.

I prefer to review the actual product, but there are also instances where I review a product with specific characteristics.


Well, some products are standardized. For example, a heavy-duty seed starter tray comes in many shapes and designs; I choose a couple and guide you to the areas where you should focus for the best results and value.

Daisy the ragdoll helping with gardening
Ragdolls make the best company in the garden.

I never receive payment for recommendations. But sometimes, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using my link at no extra cost to you.

Everything I recommend has been used as it was meant to be used - to help me live greener and grow herbs and vegetables in my home and gardens. In short, I use the product and try to help you decide if the purchase will help you and whether it is worth your money. 

Sometimes, I suggest co-owning tools with friends or neighbors as they are useful but only used once or twice a year, like, for example, a heavy-duty branch cutter.

If you would like me to test your product, please contact me. My review will be fair, but you will have no say in what I write.

But I also share smaller versions of DIY projects, like how to build a fungus gnat trap using an empty plastic bottle and apple cider vinegar or a PET bottle Kratky setup.

Important to give back and attract pollinators to garden
Flowers help attract pollinators to herb and vegetable garden

As gardening plays a big part in my life, I may also include tips about lawn care, flowers, shrubs, trees, and bushes. You want a diverse growing space that attracts pollinators and other beneficial insects.

You Can Also Find Me On YouTube

My YouTube channel offers easy-to-follow video tutorials to help you get started. Thank you for bearing with me as I learn to shoot and edit the perfect YouTube video. As you have noticed, I am a gardener, not a movie director.

Find the YouTube channel by clicking this link: “Youtube.com/MattMagnusson“.  

If you find my videos helpful, please remember to support me by clicking “Like” and “Subscribe” to my YouTube channel.
Thai basil grown from seed
Fragrant Thai Basil grows prolifically in the summer months.

Almost all photos on our website come from one of our gardens. You must contact us for permission before using any of our images.

All the best,

Mattias, aka “Matt – The Gardener”