Watering herbs, vegetables, and plants with ease

A section of our watering tools including spray bottles, Gardena hose cart, one of our soaker hoses, garden hose nozzles and more
We do own and use what we recommend.

Watering is one of those areas that perplex and sometimes even scare home gardeners. Did I water enough? Too much, or maybe I water too often or not enough when I do water?

No matter what you read, there is no one easy answer. Each garden and growing environment is unique, and your plants’ needs may differ from mine.

Tools and equipment for watering we cover:

  1. Manual pressure pump sprayer
  2. Far-reaching garden pressure pump sprayer
  3. Watering can with sprinkler head
  4. Classic spray bottles for misting
  5. Garden hose nozzle sprayer
  6. Long-reach garden hose nozzle sprayer
  7. Soaker hoses
  8. Hose carts

And the right tools and some general principles can help you achieve better results with minimum effort.

  • Plants do not want the root system to sit in constant wet as it needs air or oxygen to develop
  • You want moist but not wet soil
  • If unsure, water more when you do water, but water less often
  • Seeds should never dry out
  • For mature plants, a mild dry-out is better than soaking wet soil

Manual pressure pump sprayer

Indispensable when you have more than a couple of plants to spray daily. Regular one-pump-per-spray bottles are great, but my hands get tired, and having that manual pump to build up pressure and then just be ready to go for several minutes is a blessing.

Necessary? Not until you wake up to a full-on attack of aphids across several tomato or pepper plants. One of my better investments.

This model is great for close-up spray action. Look below if you need a model with further reach.

Ideal for watering on the go

Why I like it:

  • Easy to build up pressure
  • Comfortable should strap
  • Easy to operate safety pressure valve
  • No need to bend down to water at the base of plants

Things to consider::

  • May feel heavy for some to carry,
Check price on Amazon Lighter handheld alternative

Manual pressure pump sprayer

The perfect companion for a walk through the garden.

Ideal for precision watering but also for treating plants in case of disease or pest infestation.

Best pressure when filled to at least half capacity. Holds 1,3 gallons / 5 liters.

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Far-reaching garden pressure pump sprayer

Great when you need to spray plants that are growing tall or when you need to reach deep.

I use mine specifically for indeterminate tomato varieties. Great if you need to spray those mature beefsteak tomato plants.

Ideal for hard to reach areas


  • Adjustable cone nozzle
  • Anti-clog filter
  • Allows spraying with reach and precision
  • Great for plant care and fertilizers


  • The 2-gallon / 7.6-liter version can get heavy to carry
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Multi-Purpose Garden Sprayer

Easy to use for those hard-to-reach areas in the garden. Give it a few pumps, adjust the nozzle, and you are ready to go.

Comes in different sizes. I prefer the 2-gallon (7,6 liters) tank as I sometimes need it but can only fill the tank with what I need for the job.

For me, it is a great tool for general garden use but also to fight pests and fungal diseases on larger plants like bushy peppers and indeterminate tomato plants.

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Watering can with sprinkler head

I am sure you already own at least one, but it is impossible to omit this gardening classic.

I like that it comes in different colors. I always used to get confused about which watering I last used for water with liquid fertilizer. Nowadays, green watering can equal nutrients.

Go Classic or Decorative


  • Detachable shower nozzle
  • Pick your favorite color
  • Proven design and function


  • If you are strong, you may prefer a larger size
Check price on Amazon Decorative design alternative

1 Gallon Watering Can with Sprinkler Head

Watering can for both indoor plants and garden watering. The detachable shower head and long stem allow for controlled, focused watering. There are larger sizes, but this one is big enough for me, and it is easy to carry around the garden.

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Classic spray bottles for misting

Can it get more classic than a manual one-pump-one-spray water bottle? Mine are primarily used when I start seeds and need a little bit of water and a lot of control.

But as long as you have strong hands, this is truly the only spray bottle you will ever need.

Essential for plant care


  • Set of 3 in different colors
  • Attractive price for a standard product


  • You may need more than 3.
Check price on Amazon Set of 5 spray bottles

Spray Bottles For Misting

This is a must-have. Whether you are misting seeds in starter pots, spraying plants to get rid of aphids or other pests, or need to mist the leaves of a plant – spray bottles are the go-to tool.

Bottles come in different colors to help you remember which bottle contains what.

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Garden hose nozzle sprayer

Some spring and summer, there are a lot of thirsty plants in the garden. And carrying water cans is only fun for so long.

I get the hose out, hook up my hose nozzle sprayer, and I am as happy as can be. It is easy to adjust water intensity and spray pattern to avoid dislocating plants and soil.

If you are looking for a nozzle sprayer with further reach for those low-growing plants, please see below.

Making watering plants up-close easier


  • Made from 100% heavy-duty metal
  • 8 different spray patterns
  • Thumb controller for on/off & water pressure


  • There are cheaper alternatives
Check price on Amazon

Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer

Walking through the garden and watering our plants is a luxury for most home gardeners. We do not see it as a burden – we are checking up on our green friends.

A good quality Garden hose nozzle sprayer will let you move between plants and apply the appropriate water pressure for all your plants’ watering needs.

Is it necessary? Of course not, but it is oh-so-helpful.

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Long-reach garden hose nozzle sprayer

If you are a regular reader, you already know that I make and use grow bags for many of my plants and vegetables. And if you have read my articles, you know that we never want to wet the leaves when watering plants.

And as it does get tiresome to bend down to water plants at soil level, a long-reach garden hose nozzle sprayer is truly a lifesaver for my back. I could honestly not do without it.

Lifesaver for my knees and back


  • Perfect for watering at the base without hurting back
  • Adjustable length 36”-60” (ca 90 – 150 cm)
  • 7 different spray patterns
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Long-reach garden hose sprayer

You always want to water vegetables, tomatoes, and peppers at the base of the plant to avoid leaves getting wet.

And with a long nozzle sprayer want, you can do just that without hurting your knees or back.

I would not be without mine.

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Soaker hoses

Not necessary, but oh so lovely on a hot summer day when life gets in the way of gardening.

I place mine around my tomato plants and connect it to a timer for those hot days when I know my tomato plants will need water and I am away. And no, while I have lovely neighbors, I would not trust them with my tomato plants.

Ideal for those hot days


  • Perfect time saver on hot days
  • Heavy-duty recycled rubber
  • 7-year warranty


  • Some may prefer a flat hose
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Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

Soaker hoses are perfect for watering vegetable gardens and raised garden beds on those hot summer days. Well, they are great all season long, but for me, they are a lifesaver in July and August when the weather is scorching.

Leave it on to water your plants, and keep sipping that cool iced tea.

I prefer the round soaker hoses, but there are also flat models.

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Hose carts

The true workhorse of the garden. I have 2 of these, and they live on opposite sides of our house.

Reliable, easy-to-use, durable – I could go on, but my Gardena hose carts are great. The optional hose guide is a nice feature, and it makes a big difference, especially when rolling back the hose.

Essential for gardening


  • Durable and solid construction
  • The hose guide option is a great feature
  • The kickstand prevents the cart from falling over


  • There are cheaper alternatives
Check price on Amazon With hose guide

Frost-Proof Hose Cart with Optional Hose Guide

Gardena is one of my favorite brands; they have never disappointed me. This hose cart is a complete set and is one of our true workhorses for the outdoor growing season.

The frostproof feature does help, as we never learn and tend to get surprised every year.

This is an investment in your gardening, and you will not regret buying a Gardena brand gardening tool.

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