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We are all about progress over perfection.

Here, you will find practical advice and easy-to-follow guides on living greener and growing and harvesting fresh herbs and garden vegetables year-round. You learn from articles and how-to tutorials, and hopefully, you will come to the same conclusions we did:

  • Living greener can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Being Eco-friendly does not mean you have to sacrifice convenience
  • It is not all or nothing; focus on progress over perfection
  • There are smart cost-saving solutions that are no-brainers

And when you start, you will discover just how rewarding each step can be.

Let’s admit it: self-interest is a formidable catalyst for change. And this is good news for your wallet and our planet.

Master seed-starting

An easy-to-follow guide for all-level home gardeners

Start your garden journey now!
Seed starting and seedling care

This website is a labor of love; every article and guide you read is backed up by actual doing and gardening. I use my own photos. I am also slowly improving at making YouTube videos; thank you for your patience.

Are you looking for inspiration? Check out the Gardening Photo of the Week section, where we post four photos from our gardens weekly.

Our latest guides and articles

Home gardening year-round using different techniques and methods

We use different methods and techniques to grow and harvest year-round in a four-season climate.

We plant directly in the ground for large parts of the year. But also use raised garden beds, pots, containers, and hydroponic grow systems – and we love winter sowing. Needless to say, our Smart Garden 9 is part of the mix, especially for the fall and winter seasons.

Our first Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 has arrived and we have published several videos covering unpacking, setup and installation, and week 2, 3, 4, 5, week 6 , and week 7 & 8 Smart Garden 9 update videos. We started with basil, red Pak Choi, chilis, tomatoes and lettuce, but the garden has since evolved and now also uses vermiculite. You find all video and articles in the "What we use and feel good recommending" section of the website.

Having a garden with plenty of space is, of course, great. But you can also start your herb and vegetable garden on a balcony or a kitchen countertop.

Here’s to developing your green fingers,
Matt – The Gardener

Most recently updated articles

What do you want to learn today?

Learn how you can have fresh greens and herbs year-round! Articles and guides on how to grow, harvest and preserve herbs and garden vegetables.

Grow herbs in pots, containers and greenhouses

How to Grow Herbs

Growing herbs from seeds or seedlings do not have to be complicated.

Our easy-to-follow guides will have you growing and harvesting herbs sooner than you think.

Grow garden vegetables

Growing garden vegetables

Use our easy-to-follow tips, tricks, and guides to grow and harvest garden vegetables.

We show you how to grow vegetables in pots, containers, greenhouses, and vegetable gardens.

Look after your herbs, vegetables and plants for plentiful harvests

Plant care

Learn to look after herbs, vegetables, and plants for healthy growth and plentiful harvests.

We work to have an organic and sustainable approach to all plants we grow and harvest.

Hydroponics ebb and flow system at home


Follow our step-by-step guides into the world of hydroponics and growing without soil.

Learn to build DIY Deep Water Culture or Ebb and Flow hydroponic grow systems, and more.

Learn to grow in soil, water and other growing mediums

Growing mediums

Most gardeners use soil to grow herbs and vegetables.

Learn how to mix soil, make homemade DIY grow bags, and use other mediums or substrates.

Learn from our projects and experiments and elevate your knowledge

Gardening projects & Experiments

Now and then, we get an idea.

Read about projects such as how to grow tomatoes and avocado trees from supermarket produce.