Gardening Photos From Our Garden – January 2023

January is often slow as the weather is still too cold for most outdoor gardening.

For us, January is typically about being patient and not falling into the trap of starting seeds too early. Winter sowing, indoor growing, and planning for the coming season are highlights.

We also look after our garlic plants though it is pretty hands-off at this stage of development.

I have not started any seeds for outdoor seedlings in January. I have decided to wait until at least mid-February. Last year I started too early and had to house way too many plants indoors while waiting for the weather to turn.

This caused “a bit of friction” in our household as practically all surfaces were covered with pots, seed strays, and starter pots.

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Gardening photos January 2023

Gardening photo of the week: 30 January – 5 February 2023

Kale frozen from last year's harvest
I cannot wait to grow kale and Swiss chard – the freezer is getting empty.
Winter sown spinach growing outdoors in freezing temperatures
The winter-sown spinach is doing well despite freezing temperatures.
Cat hiding in raised garden bed with garlic plants
Problems with cats? Read my article with methods that work (I am a cat lover).
Start tomato plants too early and you will have lots of plants to look after indoors
Last year I started tomato seeds too early. This year I will wait until at least mid-February.

Gardening photo of the week: 23 January – 29 January 2023

Cleaning pots necessary or not
Is it vital to clean old pots before using them again?
Garlic sprouts looking strong
Green garlic sprouts in a container in late January.
Improving soil in one of our raised garden beds
Using a cold January to improve the soil in one of our raised garden beds.
Using grow lights from hydroponics to grow herbs indoors
Making the most of our grow lights by placing herbs in our hydroponic grow bed.

Gardening photo of the week: 16 January – 22 January 2023

Ebb and flow hydroponics
Growing basil and arugula in a DIY ebb-and-flow hydroponic grow bed
Leaves starting to form on ginger plant
Ginger plant planted from store-bought roots (rhizomes) developing leaves
Avocado leaf browning
Browning leaves are, unfortunately, a common occurrence during wintertime
Starting avocado trees indoors
Starting two more avocado trees from store-bought organic avocados

Gardening photo of the week: 9 January – 15 January 2023

Winter sowed spinach sprouting mid-January
Winter sowed spinach sprouting mid-January.
Our perennial parsley plant starting to grow back mid-January.
Parsley is one of our favorite perennial herbs.
Mid-January and some of our winter greens are already sprouting
Winter greens sprouting mid-January.
Sprouting garlic greens in mid-January
Garlic sprouting in a container. I had to pinch off a few shoots for a taste!

Gardening photo of the week: 2 January – 8 January 2023

Some of the chilli, pepper, tomato and vegetable seeds we will plant in 2023
January is the perfect time to select what peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables to grow for the upcoming season.
Making grow bags at home
We are using periods of bad weather to make DIY grow bags for the upcoming gardening season.
Starting purple basil seeds indoors
I am sprouting purple basil seedlings indoors in a starter pot with a top layer of moisture-retaining vermiculite.
Starting basil seeds indoors.
Starting basil indoors from seed to ensure a continuous supply of fresh basil leaves and pesto