Gardening Photos From Our Garden – March 2024

March was cold and wet. Not really the promise of spring we all waited for.

Still there was a fair bit of gardening activity where peppers and tomatoes were started indoors.

I also started cucumbers, kale, and herbs like sage and tarragon.

This year, I started most of my tomato plants later than last year. Over the last couple of years, the weather pattern has been late summers and long, warm falls, so I am betting on a repeat.

I have actually used my Click and Grow and iDOO hydroponic systems for seed starting and seedling care. So now I have even more grow lights to work with!

Coconut coir has worked well for germinating pepper seeds. When I see two pairs of true leaves, I will add half the recommended dosage of a three-part water-soluble fertilizer.

My spring-planted garlic is still going strong.

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Gardening photos March 2024

Gardening photo of the week: 25 March- 31 March 2024

The spring planted garlic is growing well in my raised garden beds

The garlic planted in spring is growing well in my raised garden beds.

I know garlic is cold-hardy and can resist injury from exposure to cold temperatures, so I do not worry about these plants.

Full sun, water and feed regularly, and I know I will have a great harvest.

Gardening photo of the week: 18 March- 24 March 2024

Potting up pepper seedlings when I see roots at the bottom of the pots

When I see roots through the drainage holes, I pot up my peppers into larger containers.

I gradually increase the container size as it makes it much easier to manage soil moisture levels.

Do not go too big too soon. Just a tip.

Gardening photo of the week: 11 March- 17 March 2024

San Marzano first leaves

First leaves on one of my San Marzano tomato plants.

I have learned not to plant all seeds at once. This way, I have tomatoes to harvest throughout the season and never have “too much” at any given time.

Gardening photo of the week: 4 March- 10 March 2024

First leaves sprouting

Tomato seeds planted in coconut coir.

There is something magical about first leaves appearing seemingly overnight.

Now, these fellows need some light to help them grow green and strong.