Guide To Getting Started With Hydroponics

Welcome to the wonderful world of hydroponics.

This is where we leave soil behind and grow herbs and vegetables in nutrient-rich water.

Curious about hydroponics?
Are you looking to get into hydroponics?

Guides for all level gardeners

  • Learn to build your hydroponic system from start to finish. We have a setup for all budgets.
  • Maybe you prefer to buy a complete ready-to-grow countertop system? I can help guide you to a perfect system for small spaces where year-round indoor gardening is more than a dream. And your climate or the level of natural sunlight does not even come into play.
  • Or maybe you are not happy with the yield from your existing system? This is a great place to learn about what makes hydroponics work. Learn from my mistakes and successes as I share the good, the bad and sometimes even the surprising.

So let’s go. Grab a drink and pick an article from the list below.

Hydroponic knowledge base:

DIY Hydroponics for all budgets

Countertop hydroponics for small spaces

I invite you to reach out if you have questions.

I have had a lot of help over the years. Everyone, from fellow growers to university professors, has generously shared their knowledge and expertise. I am more than happy to return the favor to help make your hydroponic system the best it can be.