Gardening Photos From Our Garden – July 2022

July is the time when we pick fresh tomatoes from the vine and always have freshly harvested greens and vegetables with every meal. The herb and vegetable garden is bussing with pollinators and it is a joy to spend hours in the garden doing pretty much anything.

We are also busy making salsas, hot sauce, and tomato sauce from freshly harvested peppers, alliums, fresh herbs, and tomatoes. Growing some early tomato varieties has made a big difference to our tomato sauce production.

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Hey there, check out the photos below and then click to compare to what we are doing a year later, in July 2023.

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Gardening photo of the week: 25 July – 31 July 2022

Swiss chard is great for stir fries and salads
Swiss chard is a must for stir-fries, veggie smoothies, and raw salads
Picking ripe cherry tomatoes
Nothing beats eating cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine
Chives are given for stir fries and with pickled herring
Chives attract pollinators and are a must in veggie stir-fries
Large: Scallions (spring onions or green onions) have a milder taste than most other alliums
Scallions are milder than most other alliums and work great in green salads

Gardening photo of the week: 18 July – 24 July 2022

Flowers attract pollinators for bigger tomato, pepper and vegetable harvests
Flowers that attract pollinators like bees are important when you grow peppers, tomatoes, and vegetables.
Pepper harvest of cayenne peppers, Padron peppers and a smattering of Spanish peppers for hot sauce
Harvest Spanish Padron peppers, cayenne peppers, and Spanish peppers for making hot sauce.
Butterflies are beautiful and also help pollinate your herbs and plants
Butterflies are beautiful and pollinate your herbs and plants.
Growing tomatoes without cages or support in raised garden bed mulched with straw
Growing tomatoes without cages of other support on a mulched raised garden bed

Gardening photo of the week: 11 July – 17 July 2022

Yellowing pepper leaves
I have learned that yellowing leaves on pepper plants do not have to be a problem
Flowering Striped Stuffer beefsteak tomato plant with fruits
Flowering Striped Stuffer beefsteak tomato plant with green fruits
Bhut Jolokia ghost pepper plant grown from seed
Vibrant green ghost pepper fruit is about to start turning red any day now
Habanero and Jalapeno plants growing together
Growing habanero and jalapeno pepper plants in our greenhouse

Gardening photo of the week: 4 July – 10 July 2022

Flowering lavender plant
The flowering lavender plants have many uses besides attracting pollinators
A tired pollinator bumble bee resting on my hand
A bumble bee takes a well-deserved rest after pollinating tomatoes, peppers, and fruits.
Growing beefsteak tomatoes in DIY grow bags
Ripening beefsteak tomato plants growing in our fabric DIY grow bags.
Large: Test harvesting a couple of garlic plants
Test harvesting garlic plants to see how the bubs are developing.