Gardening Photos From Our Garden – January 2024

January started cold, snowy, and very windy.

It’s another month of indoor gardening, where hydroponics and microgreens produce fresh greens, peppers, and tomatoes for our household.

I have also started some hot peppers from seed and started planning for the tomatoes I will grow this year. Of course, I will grow cherry tomatoes in pots, but I will also grow Black Prince, Sungold, and Black Cherry tomatoes alongside San Marzanos and Romas, to name a few.

I ordered a bunch of seeds and stocked up on coconut coir for seed starting this month.

And finally, I know there are a lot of photos of my microgreens this month. But it is for two good reasons

  1. Microgreens are the easiest way to grow food indoors in winter. I love hydroponics, and my systems are up and running. Still, from a cost-benefit and easy-to-get-started perspective, nothing beats microgreens.
  2. Microgreens play a big part in how I grow leafy greens in winter.

So there you have it. Next month will be seed-starting time for real. I have learned not to start my seeds too early, and for me, February is all about hot peppers and planting some cold-hardy greens that I usually plant already in January. I decided to wait one month this year as January has been extremely wet with lots of rainfall.

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Gardening photos January 2024

Gardening photo of the week: 29 January – 4 February 2024

Microgreens growing indoors
Colorful microgreens growing indoors
Harvesting radish microgreens
Harvesting radish microgreens
Microgreen indoor kitchen counter garden
There are many ways to grow vegetables on a kitchen counter
Sunflower seeds starting to sprout
Another batch of sunflower microgreens starting to sprout

Gardening photo of the week: 22 January – 28 January 2024

It is high time to harvest when microgreen start to lean
High time to harvest microgreens when they start to fall over
Germinating sunflower seeds in a plastic bag
I germinate sunflower microgreens in a plastic bag
Sunflower Microgreens after germinating in a dark warm room for about 1 week
Sunflower microgreen shoots after germinating in a dark, warm room for about 1week
Same Sunflower Microgreen shoots after a few days under a grow light
The same Sunflower microgreens after a few days under a full-spectrum grow light

Gardening photo of the week: 15 January – 21 January 2024

Full spectrum grow lights improve yield when gardening indoors
Full spectrum grow lights improve yield when gardening indoors
Hydroponic basil
Because you can never have too much basil (here grown hydroponically)
Basil plant flowering
Basil plant flowering? No worries, basil flowers are useful and edible.

Gardening photo of the week: 8 January – 14 January 2024

Cover large seeds with a thin layer of soil when growing microgreens
Cover pea shoot seeds with a thin layer of soil for better yield
Radish shoots grow strong in soil
Microgreen radish shoots grow strong in soil
Hydroponic tomatoes in our kitchen
Hydroponic tomatoes ripening indoors in January
Microgreen radish shoots
Microgreen radish shoots ready for harvest

Gardening photo of the week: 1 January – 7 January 2024

Perfect portion sized cup of pea shoots
Portion-size container with Microgreen pea shoots.
Cleaning my 10 pot iDOO hydroponic system
Cleaning my 10-pot iDOO hydroponic system
Microgreen pea shoot root system
Microgreen pea shoots develop strong roots
Microgreen pea shoot seeds
Microgreen pea shoot seeds