Gardening Photos From Our Garden – September 2023

September arrived and has so far been calmer and sunnier than August.

Peppers, cucumbers, herbs, eggplants, tomatoes, kale, carrots and radishes are still doing well, but I can feel the end is near, at least for some of the plants.

I expect to harvest most eggplants, cucumbers and tomatoes this month. Peppers will be moved indoors, and all cool-weather crops will stay where they are.

I have done an inventory of my hydroponics equipment, and I should be good to go.

That is the thing with hydroponics. There are usually some level of investment to start, but when you have the equipment you can use it for years.

I also look forward to more sessions with my Click and Grow Smart Garden 9. Some of the kale I am harvesting now was actually started in vermiculite in the Smart Garden and then hardened off and transplanted outdoors.

It worked like a charm.

I have also been making a lot of hot salsa and tomato sauce. And there has been a lot of pickling, preserving and freezing of herbs, kale and other sturdy leafy greens.

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Gardening photos September 2023

Gardening photo of the week: 25 September – 1 October 2023

Sweet Italian peppers and cucumbers harvested late fall
A colorful fall harvest of cucumbers and sweet Italian peppers
Growing chervil in same pot as a cucumber plant
Growing chervil in a pot with a cucumber plant
Pickling the last fall harvest of cucumbers
Making the most of the last fall cucumber harvest

Gardening photo of the week: 18 September – 24 September 2023

Flowers on a basil plant are edible
Basil flowers are edible; here’s how you use them
Pollinators busy at work in our garden
Pollinators are hard at work in our garden
Harvesting kale all fall and winter
I will harvest kale all fall and winter
Air pruning in grow bags gives healthy lateral root growth
Grow bags (right) give healthy lateral root growth (air pruning)

Gardening photo of the week: 11 September – 17 September 2023

Ripening sweet Italian peppers
Ripening sweet Italian peppers on the plant
Eggplant flower
Beautiful Black Beauty eggplant flower
Cucumber flower
Yellow cucumber flower

Gardening photo of the week: 4 September – 10 September 2023

Striped stuffers remain a beefsteak favorite
Striped stuffers remain my favorite beefsteaks
Heathy cucumber plant outdoors in September
Cucumber plant flowering in September