Gardening Photos From Our Garden – February 2024

February started cold, much like January. There have been the occasional day with glimpses of the spring we all wait for, but overall it is still winter.

With the exception of winter sowing a few hardy greens like kale and corn salad, most gardening has been indoors.

Cleaning and prepping seed starting trays is not that much fun, but it nonetheless needs to be done. My microgreens are still delivering greens alongside my grow buckets, which were dismantled at the end of the month.

I only have so many full-spectrum growlights, and they will soon be needed more for my pepper and tomato seedlings.

Over the years, I have learned to be patient. I used to start all my seeds in January and February, but I soon found myself caring for large plants indoors while waiting for the weather outside to warm up.

Nowadays, I start the bulk of my peppers in February and most of my tomatoes in March.

This year, I am growing all my favourite peppers, including Bhut Jolokia ghost peppers, long slim Cayenne peppers, Padron peppers, and Jalapenos. But I am also testing a few new varieties, like the Naga Jolokia ghost pepper, one Tabasco, and one Vindaloo cayenne pepper variety.

Overall, less than 2% of my pepper seeds failed to germinate. That’s pretty good, and I do feel quite comfortable starting any pepper variety from seed these days.

I used coconut coir for some of my pepper seeds. So far, I am pleased but I will get back to you when we are past the first leaves stage,

My spring-planted garlic is doing well, and I can see green leaves poking through. I know from experience that garlic is very hardy, so I do not worry about the plants when the temperature goes below zero.

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Gardening photos February 2024

Gardening photo of the week: 26 February – 3 March 2024

Planting pepper seeds
Planting 1 – 2 seeds in each cell of the seed starting tray.
Harvesting radish microgreens
Harvesting radish microgreens
Filling seed starting trays with coconut coir
Filling seed starter tray with coconut coir
Making sure each seed is viable before planting
Checking each pepper seed before planting.

Gardening photo of the week: 19 February – 25 February 2024

Testing coconut coir as a seed starting medium
Testing coconut coir as an alternative seed starting medium.
Quality Padron pepper seeds
Quality Padron pepper seeds.
Checking that my Jalapeno seeds are viable
Making sure my Jalapeno seeds are viable before planting.
Adding water to bricks of coconut coir
Adding water to coconut coir bricks.

Gardening photo of the week: 12 February – 18 February 2024

My microgreen garden
Microgreens again, but it is one way to grow greens in winter here in Zone 7
Always use quality seeds
Look at your seeds. Can you spot the odd one out?
Sunflower microgreens
Sunflower microgreens are a family favorite
Seed husk stuck to sunflower microgreen leaves
Be prepared to remove sunflower seed husks manually

Gardening photo of the week: 5 February – 11 February 2024

Hydroponic basil in my Click and Grow Smart Garden 9
Microgreen root system
Microgreen root system ready for composting
Naga Jolokia ghost pepper seedling
Naga Jolokia seedling started in December.