Gardening Photos From Our Garden – April 2023

April is the month when we start to see signs of change outdoors. Some days are lovely, but nights are still too cold for most plants. All my tomato, eggplant (aubergine), and pepper seedling live indoors, and space always becomes an issue.

One of my hacks is to allow more than one seedling to develop in each nursery pot. Sure, you may not get the same growth and development, but I find the difference negligible. And I much prefer to grow more seedlings.

Garlic, spinach, corn salad, rocket or arugula, and a few more cold-weather greens are happy to grow outdoors, so it is still a month full of outdoor gardening.

I have also had a lot of fun with my new indoor gardening system – The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9. An easy-to-use turnkey system that lives inside with us in our actual living space. I know I go on about this, but this is a big deal for me as most of my plants live in their respective areas away from us. Now I have plants I can say hi to all the time. I like this.

Spring is late here, and again I have plants ready to go outdoors, but my hands are tied. My wife is, however, sympathetic as she knows I deliberately waited several weeks longer to start seeds than last year – also known here as the year I scre#ed up.

One of my overwintering sage plants was attacked by a perfect storm of aphids while starting to bolt. Living indoors in one of my greenhouses, it simply got too hot and humid during the day, and there were considerable differences in temperature between day and night.

I will try to rescue the plant, as I caught it early, but I am unsure how the harvest will taste. I see it as a learning experience, and who am I to back down?

Happy gardening, and please check out my YouTube channel if you have not already done so!

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Gardening photos April 2023

Gardening photo of the week: 24 April – 30 April 2023

Grow more tomato plants from tomato cuttings
Learn to grow more genetically identical tomato plants from cuttings.
Vermiculite is excellent for seed starting
Starting eggplants – or aubergines – in Vermiculite instead of potting soil.
My Smart Garden 9 on April 26
My Smart Garden indoor gardening system develops nicely.
My tomato, pepper and eggplant seedling often share a nursery pot as they develop
Allowing seedlings to grow together in one nursery pot saves on space.

Gardening photo of the week: 17- 23 April 2023

Transplant chock is not uncommon, but all is not lost
Transplant chock! Click the image to see the result after 2 hours under a full spectrum grow light
My Micro-tip pruning scissors are one of my most priced possessions
My Micro-tip precision garden scissors are my best-ever gardening investment
Bottom watering a couple of strong, compact-looking cherry tomato seedlings
Bottom-watering a few compact-looking cherry tomato seedlings by my Smart Garden 9.
Aphid on the leaf of an over-.wintering sage plant
Aphid sat on a leaf on one of my over-wintering sage plants.

Gardening photo of the week: 10 – 16 April 2023

Seeds germinated and sprouted only a few days later
The pre-seeded plant pods germinated and sprouted quickly.
A few tomato and hot pepper seedlings under a full spectrum grow light
Hot pepper and tomato seedlings under a full spectrum grow light.

Gardening photo of the week: 3 – 9 April 2023

First leaves on Scotch Bonnet seedlings
My Scotch Bonnet pepper seedlings are coming along nicely.
I was forced to attack our moss infested lawn
Not all gardening is fun. I had to attack a moss-infested lawn.
My Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 arrives and is now up and working
My indoor gardening system, the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9, arrived.