Easy indoor gardening with the Click and Grow Smart Gardens

The Click and Grow suite of Smart Gardens is a fully automated indoor gardening system to suit gardeners regardless of their gardening experience.

All you have to do to get going is to 

  1. Unpack and install the system (less than 30 minutes)
  2. Fill the container with water (say 3 minutes)
  3. Place the plant pods in their slots (say 5 minutes)
  4. Put the germination pods in place (less than a minute)
  5. Plug it in and walk away (less than a minute)
Check out our Smart Garden 9 videos covering installation (laggy quality) and weekly updates on our YouTube channel.

And what is surprising is that not one of these five steps is difficult, time-consuming, or in any way challenging. You will be up and running in less than an hour – with time to spare.

Easy indoor gardening – as in really easy and fun

I am a seed starter. Give me a pack of seeds, and I will accept the challenge. And even better if the plant is not suitable for my grow zone. I will make it work. Somehow.

So, in a way, I should not be suitable for any fully automated indoor gardening system. I want to do stuff and get involved. Not just watch things grow.

Still, I really enjoy the time I spend with my Smart Garden 9. 

Red Pak Choi growing strong in Smart Garden 9
Red Pak Choi in Smart Garden 9 (week 3)

And I think I know why.

I respect the clever combination of form, function, and ease of use.

So, what are my first takeaways from Smart Garden 9?

After having used the Smart Garden 9 for almost four weeks, I feel confident already now to share five of the main benefits of the system.

  1. The Smart Garden is an oh-so-easy system to run
  2. An indoor gardening system that just works
  3. The Smart Garden is genuinely hands-off
  4. It is a very nice-looking and silent system
  5. The Smart Garden is a guaranteed conversation starter

Let’s go through these points one by one.

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1. The Smart Garden is an oh-so-easy system to run

When you are up and running, you are more or less a spectator watching how your plants grow right in front of your eyes.

So far, my tasks have included

  1. Topping up the water container one time
  2. Thinning out my tomato and chilli seedlings as more than one seed germinated
Mini-tomato seedling growing in the Smart Garden 9
Remaining tomato seedling in Smart Garden 9 (week 3)

I also decided that I needed to move some plant pots around as the Red Pak Choi partly shaded the chili, and one of the lettuce plants grew to very close to the tomato seedlings.

But I do not think this was necessary. It was just me having to prove my value to the system. I am confident the seedlings would have adjusted and found the light they needed.

So, in short, it is very low maintenance to run, and it is a great indoor gardening system.

2. An indoor gardening system that just works

I planted seven fast-growers – Red Pak Choi (2), Lettuce (2), and Basil (3) – and two slower-developing plants – Mini-tomatoes (1) and Chilies (1).

And to date, all plant pods are showing seedlings with true leaves. As expected, the chili plant was the last to sprout true leaves. 

The Red Pak Choi is developing exceptionally well, and the lettuce is already starting to show vertical lift.

Lettuce starting to show vertical lift in Smart Garden 9
Lettuce with vertical lift (week 3)

The basil is growing dense and is looking good as well.

Weighing results against the effort involved, it is evident that this is a good system.

3. The Smart Garden: genuinely hands-off

Indoor gardening can be a challenging environment to navigate. We must find a substitute for the natural sunlight we take for granted outdoors and balance individual plants’ needs for water and nutrients.

The Click and Grow Smart Garden does all this for us.

The system has a built-in full spectrum grow light on a timer to give 16 hours of light and 8 hours of rest.

The Smart Garden uses pods made from Smart soil that are pre-seeded and designed to cater to each plant’s need for water and nutrients.

Smart soil plant pods are pre-seeded and fertilized for each individual plant's need.
No need to buy hydroponic fertilizers as plant pods are pre-fertilized

All you need to do is monitor the water level indicator and top up the system when needed. So far, into week 4, I have topped up the system once.

4. It is a very nice-looking and silent system

And for me, this is key. The Smart Garden is silent as it does not use an air pump. Add the fact that it is a very attractive-looking system, and you realize that it can live indoors in your living space.

None of my pots or DIY hydroponic grow systems are allowed inside our living space. I have my allocated space, but I have to go to my plants to check on them.

With the Smart Garden, I get to say hello every time I go to the kitchen!

For me, this is a big plus. And I value it. 

5. The Smart Garden is a guaranteed conversation starter

I have started many projects to get my children interested in gardening. And I have been successful, at least to an extent.

But in the past four weeks, my children have started conversions with me. And that is a new first.

Plant pods are placed in individual plant holders
Each plant pod lives in a plant holder

The same goes for friends visiting. Lots of questions and always a “Where did you buy it?”.

Summary: Easy indoor gardening with Smart Garden 9

The Smart Gardens from Click and Grow are ideal for indoor gardening when you are all about yield or harvest.

Surprisingly, I have found that I, too, enjoy having my own Smart Garden, even though it is fully automated and needs close to no help to work.

At the end of the day, I will confidently state that most people would love to have their own Smart Garden.

Whether it is worth the price is a different question. It is a good value as it is a beautifully designed system that will grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. 

Ultimately, whether you find it good value or expensive comes down to personal preference.

Some people spend money on expensive bottles of wine or to-go coffee from brand-name restaurants.

I prefer getting myself an indoor garden, and the Smart Garden does fit the bill.

Click here to get your own Smart Garden 9.

Mattias Magnusson: Hello, I'm Mattias, a passionate and experienced gardening enthusiast. I am the creator of MattMagnusson.com, your guide to year-round herb and veggie growing. Let's simplify green living, no matter your space or location.