What we use, like and feel good about recommending

Gardening is an individual journey; a lot can be accomplished with only a few essential tools. Indeed, all you need are seeds, and you are ready to get going on your journey.

But then there are those helpful tools, supplies, and sometimes even gadgets that make the process more efficient and enjoyable.

Especially as we travel deeper into the wonderful world of home gardening and discover more fun and rewarding herbs, vegetables, and plants to grow.

This section is ever-evolving. Here are the areas of gardening we are covering right now:

  1. Tools we use for seed starting, gemination, and seedlings
  2. Soil amendments and care
  3. Watering indoors and in our garden
  4. Comfort and accessibility
  5. Garden scissors and other cutting tools
  6. Gardening hand tools
  7. Gardening gloves
  8. Grow lights
  9. Hydroponic gardens and equipment
  10. Click and Grow Smart Garden
  11. Plant care
  12. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 indoor gardening system

Creating your ideal growing environment

Creating an excellent growing environment for seeds, seedlings, and plants will generate higher yields and a better-tasting harvest. This is a fact. And I am sure you already know this to be true.

We learn and move towards our ideal setup in the space allocated for our home gardening. This holds for all types of gardening, from pots, containers, grow bags, and raised garden beds to microgreens and hydroponics.

And many minor improvements will have a significant impact on your results.

Comfort and gardening

And then we have the comfort factor.

Some of us are no longer teenagers, and sore knees, backs, and aching fingers are a reality. As we enjoy gardening, we try to cope the best we can and carry on.

But many inexpensive and helpful tools and gadgets can get the job done while keeping us more comfortable.

My bad knees, stiff fingers, and occasional back pain are part of my gardening journey. It has been for many years and probably will be for life. But to give an example, knee support and waterproof, insulated gardening gloves make a big difference in my everyday well-being.

So what can you expect to find here?

In this section of NordicLavender, I will show you the tools, supplies, and helpful gadgets I use in my home gardening projects.

This section will not cover everything – I will only list what I use. And it will be built over time.

Will it always be the same equipment that I am using right now? Often, but not always. I believe in sustainable gardening, which means I use tools and equipment that will last many seasons. And sometimes, there is a newer model available from the same manufacturer for a similar price.

Let me give you an example: I know what to look for when purchasing seed germination trays or nursery pots. And as long as the features needed are in place and it is from a reputable vendor I know and trust - I feel comfortable recommending them.